The International Association of Applied Economics ASEPELT is a non-profit organization that brings together researchers, teachers and professionals, as well as institutions interested in scientific work or its promotion. It was constituted in Madrid, at the INE headquarters, in 1986, as a result of the desire of some twenty economists dedicated to the study of Applied Economics, and the Statutes were approved at the Assembly held in Barcelona in 1987. Its name ASEPELT derives from the “Association Scientifique Européenne pour la Prévision Economique à Moyen et Long Terme”, from which it was historically born as a Spanish chapter. At present we are part of this Association individual members, belonging to various Spanish and foreign universities, other public and private organizations, companies and non-profit organizations. Likewise, the Association has a large representation of institutional members, among which are various centers and university departments, as well as other public and private entities.

The aim of the Association is “to organise, promote and favour original scientific work in the field of Applied Economics”, with the aim of contributing positively to its improvement and development, as a meeting place for different methodological traditions in the field of Economic Science, which share a concern for real problems and the search for solutions to them. It is of particular interest to highlight, in this sense, that its members include specialists in various subjects, such as Spanish Economy, Statistics, Econometrics, Economic Policy, Business, Public Sector, International Economics, Mathematics, Regional Economics, etc., as well as professionals linked to economic and financial activity. All of this undoubtedly allows for a wealth of nuances and possibilities of unquestionable social utility.

In accordance with the above-mentioned objective, ASEPELT’s activities are aimed at promoting scientific advances in the field of Applied Economics, fostering exchange among its members, including publications and various scientific meetings. Attention should be drawn, in particular, to the quarterly journal Estudios de Economía Aplicada, in printed and electronic editions, of an international nature, which reaches universities throughout Spain and Latin American and European countries, etc.; it has an Editorial Board whose members belong to prestigious institutions in Europe, America and Asia. Likewise, ASEPELT holds an Annual Congress, in which different current topics are debated and studied in its disciplinary field, whose implications obviously affect all areas of economic and social life, including the financial world, economic development, international economic relations, productive activity, family, consumption, social welfare, etc. Support for young researchers in the field of Applied Economics is one of our permanent concerns.

At present, ASEPELT maintains a set of priorities, among which are quality in scientific work, strengthening the social presence of the Association and concern for immediate problems, promoting relations with other scientific associations, as well as giving preferential attention to Latin America.
The last ASEPELT congresses have been held in Covilha (Portugal, 2009), Alicante (2010), Santander (2011), Madrid (2012), Zaragoza (2013), Malaga (2014), Cuenca (2015), Valencia (2016), Lisbon (Portugal, 2017), Huelva (2018), Vigo (2019), Jaén (2021), Madrid (2022) and Évora (Portugal, 2023).

The Congress Proceedings books are published, once edited, in PDF format, and distributed among the congress participants at the time of accreditation and through the website of the Congress and the association (

In addition, a monographic issue of the journal Estudios de Economía Aplicada, with the specific theme of the Congress motto, is published with the best papers and papers.

In the 2024 edition, the specific theme of the Congress will focus on “The new challenges of economic policy: reglobalization vs. de-globalization”, to which plenary sessions and several parallel communications sessions will be dedicated.

The number of speakers and speakers is expected to be 150 researchers, who will present their work in a total of three plenary sessions, round tables and eighteen parallel sessions for the presentation of communications groups and work grouped by thematic areas.

There will also be spaces for the public exhibition of posters/panels with works by young researchers. Finally, the “Josefa Eugenia Fernández Arufe” Prize will be awarded to new researchers among the participants in the Congress.

The Congress will be held from Juny 19 to Juny 22, 2024, organized by University Miguel Hernández.

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