EUROVAL group, jointly ASEPELT/EUROVAL International Award 2024 on the Utilization of Advanced Quantitative Techniques for Data Analysis on Field of Applied Economics with the Organizing Committee of the XXXVII Annual Conference of the International Association of Applied Economics ASEPELT, announce the prize ASEPELT/EUROVAL 2024 to encourage researching in the field of Social Sciences.

EUROVAL has a long tradition of research and application of quantitative techniques to real estate valuation, as well as the preparation of reports and scientific articles related to this topic. For this reason, it is proposed to reward the best scientific communication presented during the Congress, which uses advanced quantitative techniques for data analysis, not necessarily limited to the real estate sector. The technical contribution, the opportunity of applying the chosen technique to the data and the originality and interest of the work will be valued.



1. All submitted works on the topic of the award, authored by one or more researchers, are eligible for the Prize as long as they have not been published and have been presented in the Congress.


1. Submitted articles must be between 15 and 25 pages in length and must follow the editing standards of the official ASEPELT journal, Studies of Applied Economics ( These guidelines can be consulted in the “submission of originals” tab, where authors are provided with a template (

2. Articles must be submitted to, under subject: ASEPELT “ASEPELT/EUROVAL 2024” (name of the corresponding author). Along with the article, a copy of the researchers’ identity card and contact information must be included.


1. The evaluating committee for the award will be made up of those members designated by the EUROVAL group, who will inform the Organizing Committee of the congress of the winning work and the name of its author(s).


1. February 1 to May 30: submission period.

2. June 21: The winning work will be announced at the gala dinner of the congress.


1. The winner(s) will receive 1.000 EUROS.

2. They will be considered as members of ASEPELT, free of charge, for ONE YEAR.

3. The winning work will be published, if desired, in the official journal of ASEPELT, Sudies of Appplied Economics.

4. They will receive a commemorative plaque.

If no proposals are received, EUROVAL, in collaboration with the Organizing Committee of the Congress, will make the selection by its own.

The award-winning author(s) must be present in the award ceremony at the gala dinner. Otherwise, s/he (they) will be deemed to have declined the award.

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