Rules for the ASEPELT/Association of Economists of Alicante 2024 international award for the Best Work presented by a Young Economist

1. The International Association of Applied Economics (ASEPELT) wishes to reward young economists and promote scientific work in the field of Applied Economics. With this objective, the ASEPELT/Association of Economists of Alicante Award for Young Economists is announced.

2. The prize will recognize the best unpublished work submitted to the Congress by any young economist. Papers will be eligible for the prize regardless of whether they are authored by one or more young economist. To be eligible, one of the authors at least must be a Spanish university graduate eligible for membership in the Association of Economists ( They must be up to 35 years old on the date of the Congress. The award will be given to the young economists who publicly defends the work in any of the sessions of the Congress. The paper may include non-young economist as co-authors, but the prize will be awarded to the young economists.

3. Authors should indicate their wish to participate in the award and they should submit the complete work BEFORE MAY 30th, 2024. In addition, authors must also send to the Secretariat of the Congress ( a signed registration application stating their age and the unpublished nature of the communication.

4. The work must deal with any topic included in the area of Applied Economics, and it will be between 15 to 25 pages in length. The paper should follow the editing standards of the journal Studies of Applied Economics ( These rules can be found in the "submission of originals" tab, where authors are provided with a template (

5. The evaluating committee of the award will be made up by members of the Academic and Executive Councils of the Association, as well as the Editorial Boards of the Studies of Applied Economics journal,, and members of the Association of Economists of Alicante. None of the members of the evaluating committee will be authors of the works that aspire to the award, nor will they have family or institutional links with the candidates. The evaluating committee will take into account the opinion of the Scientific Committee of the Congress and the moderators of the panels where the presentations are held. The result will be announced at the gala dinner. If the winner does not attend this event, it will be understood that he or she renounces to the prize.

6. The prize is endowed with 1,000 EUROS. The runners-up prize, if they take place, are endowed with 100 EUROS.

7. The Award will be accredited with the corresponding diploma, which will be handed at the congress gala dinner. The awarded work will be published, if the winner so wishes, in the official journal of ASEPELT, Studies of Applied Economics.

8. The Prize may be declared void.

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